Embryo Freezing

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Embryo freezing has become one of the most popular IVF treatments in the last 20 years. Healthy embryos obtained through the proper procedures are stored under appropriate conditions and can be kept until a different transfer period. In this way, not only is the success rate of the treatment increased, but also the possibility for the couples to have their second child if their first trial goes well. It is necessary to obtain a sufficient number of healthy embryos for the embryo freezing process.

How Does the Embryo Freezing Procedure Work?

It is ensured that egg samples from the future mother and sperm samples from the father are fertilized under appropriate conditions. Because each transfer involves the transfer of one or two embryos, other healthy embryos are frozen at -196 degrees by combining them with a special, protective liquid. For the freezing procedure, the embryos are preserved in liquid nitrogen.

When they reach the stage where they must be thawed, they are first removed from the environment in which they exist. At 37 C°, they are separated from the protective liquid and transferred to the culture environment. They can then be taken to the incubator and transferred on the same day as the embryos that are suitable for the transfer process.

What Are the Advantages of Freezing Embryos?

The embryo freezing process allows for the use of embryos that develop normally and are left over from 1 or 2 embryos used in the transfer process in subsequent applications without the need for an IVF treatment and also helps to increase the pregnancy rate while also providing a financial benefit.

Depending on the setbacks that may occur during the current transfer, the embryo freezing procedure can be used. The embryo freezing procedure is used when the intrauterine endometrium tissue does not thicken during the transfer and for future mothers who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy in cases where an intrauterine operation is required.

While the success rate of the treatments used with the embryo freezing method is extremely high, the mother’s age and health state have an impact on this success rate.

Can Thawed Embryos Be Used as Effectively?

The freezing procedure used, being cautious about storage conditions, and performing the thawing procedure with the necessary sensitivity are all critical for protecting the health of thawed embryos. When working with a professional team that pays attention to all stages, the embryo’s quality remains unchanged by 90%.