Freezing Of Sperm

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Specific health conditions and advancing age may cause a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality movements. Every negative sperm condition reduces the likelihood of having a baby. Sperms obtained in their current state can be protected using the sperm freezing method. In this way, an opportunity is created for those who do not want to be fathers in their current period but would like to be fathers in the future. It is a method that is frequently used to protect the sperm quality of individuals who will be receiving chemotherapy treatment. 

How Does Sperm Freezing Work?

It is necessary to collect sperm samples primarily for the sperm freezing procedure. While sperm can be obtained directly (via masturbation method) from men with sufficient sperm, sperm can also be obtained via MESA, PESA, TESA, TESE methods when sperm count is insufficient or when individuals do not want to give a sample in the aforementioned manner. These procedures are carried out under either local or general anesthesia. Men are asked not to have sexual relations for three days before a sperm sample is taken. As a result, achieving a sufficient sperm count and quality is not hampered. It is important to note that not having sexual intercourse for an extended period of time does not increase sperm count or quality; on the contrary, it has a negative impact on them.

After obtaining a sample, the sperms are analyzed. Sperms with suitable speed, quality, and structure are chosen and processed for freezing.

The analyzed sperms are cooled in about 3-4 hours in a slow sperm freezing procedure. The procedure is then completed by immersing them in the nitrogen tank at -196 degrees. For 10 minutes, the sperms are exposed to a sterilized stick and nitrogen vapours in quick sperm freezing. Following that, they are immersed in a nitrogen tank at -196 degrees Fahrenheit and frozen. Because sperm temperature instantly drops to -196 degrees from 37 degrees in the quick freezing method, survival is increased, the sperm percentage is higher.

Who Is the Sperm Freezing Procedure Designed For?

The sperm freezing procedure is used under a variety of different titles. The sperm freezing method is used for men whose sperm quality or quantity is low and who want to be father in their later years, as well as those who will be receiving cancer treatment and have an occupational injury risk.

Is Sperm Freezing an Effective Method?

When professional names in the sperm freezing field collaborate, it is a method with an extremely high success rate. If a suitable environment is provided during the sperm freezing process, the sperms can retain their liveliness and quality. Of course, sperm is not the only factor that must be present for the pregnancy to occur. The ovaries and uterus should also be in good health for the pregnancy.