Method Of PoolingMethod Of Pooling

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The pooling method involves freezing the embryos obtained after a multiple egg collection procedure (OPU) together. If the embryo count reaches the ideal level, they are all thawed at the same time. Following thawing, the embryos are transferred into the uterus using the appropriate drugs and methods. Because the pooling method is a low-cost option for IVF treatment, it is one of the most preferred.

What Is the IVF Pooling Method?

Pooling eggs means collecting them more than twice before embryo transfer. To carry out the transfer under ideal conditions, embryo maturity and health must be at their peak. In some cases, the number of embryos collected at one time is insufficient to achieve the desired number or health state. The embryos obtained at one time are frozen and stored. Following any necessary drug therapies, the collected eggs go through the fertilization process again before being frozen. These procedures are repeated until the person has an adequate number of embryos. If it reaches the ideal count, the best embryos are chosen and transferred into the uterus of the future mother. After the transfer, the outcome of the treatment can be determined by taking a pregnancy test after 12 days.

For Whom Is the Pooling Method Intended?

The pooling method is used when an individual’s egg reserve has depleted and previous IVF treatments have failed. The ability to achieve high success with a single transfer increases its attractiveness. With the pooling method, it is possible to become pregnant.

IVF Clinics That Use the Pooling Method

All IVF treatments are procedures that require expertise. The pooling method is the same. The egg collection procedure consists of the steps in which the fertilization process is correctly applied and healthy embryos are frozen under the appropriate conditions. As with all of these procedures, extreme caution should be exercised during the thawing process. Because of incorrect application, the embryos may lose vitality or quality. As a result, the treatment is ineffective. As a result, you must work with a professional who is an expert in his or her field at the center where the freezing procedure is performed.