mikr tese islemi nedir

Micro-TESE is a method designed for people who do not have sperm cells in their ejaculate. With this method, which is applied in an azoospermia case not arising out of an obstruction, a tissue is removed from the testicles and mature sperms are sought. This is a microscopic operation, which is applied under general anesthesia. The testicle is opened and enlarged sperm ducts are analyzed. Subsequently, if the region is suitable, a tissue is removed from there and sperm is obtained. In azoospermia patients, it is possible to obtain sperms between 40-60% rates.

To Whom Is Micro-TESE Applied?

Every man with azoospermia is a candidate for Micro-TESE surgery. Following the diagnosis of azoospermia, genetic analysis and hormone tests are performed to determine whether the individuals are candidates for surgery. Azoospermia patients are unable to produce sperm and transfer it to the ejaculate, and they are unable to produce sperm at all due to a complete lack of the genes responsible for sperm production on the Y chromosome. As a result, the a, b, and c regions of the chromosome should be analyzed, and individuals should undergo surgery if sperm is produced.

How Does Micro-TESE Surgery Work?

Micro-TESE surgery carries the same level of risk as standard surgery. It is a 1-2 hour surgical procedure. This surgery, which aims to analyze the testicular ducts one by one and find sperm, can take up to 2.5 hours in some cases. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia due to its length. During the surgery, the testicle is completely opened and all ducts are magnified and analyzed using a special microscope. After finding enough sperm, the procedure is completed.

What Should You Look Out For After Micro-TESE Surgery?

Micro-TESE is associated with risks such as infection, pain, and bleeding, which can occur after any surgery. To avoid these, you must rest during your recovery period following surgery.  Ice should be applied on a regular basis the day after surgery. It is necessary not to move before the time recommended by the doctor and to take the prescribed medications. Tight underwear should not be worn, and the testicles should be held from above.

Is Micro-TESE Surgery Only Used Once?

Based on the outcome of the first surgery, micro-TESE surgery can be performed a few more times. If sperm can be obtained during the first surgery, the sperms can be frozen and stored.  If there is insufficient sperm, the sperms obtained are not qualified, or no sperm can be obtained, drug support is given to the patient, and the procedure can be repeated. In the second tese, the rate of obtaining sperm increases by 10-15%.