Ovulation Tracking (Ovulation Induction)

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Ovulation disorder is one of the most common conditions associated with female infertility. Women who have menstrual irregularities or a hormone disorder are more likely to have an ovulation problem. If the only issue between the couples is the ovulation process, the ovulation treatment method can produce a successful result. Ovulation induction is a non-invasive treatment that includes regular ultrasound tracking and hormone testing. In some cases, various drugs are administered, and the ovulation process of the women is arranged, ensuring that they become pregnant.

How Is Ovulation Tracking (Ovulation Induction) Application?

Clinical and radiological examinations, as well as medical screening of the individual, are used primarily during ovulation tracking. Only the ovulation cycle will be focused if there is no obstruction in the tubes. The development level of the eggs and when they will crack will be determined at this stage. To stimulate ovulation, various drugs can be used. Among the most commonly used drugs are clomiphene citrate tablets, HMG (Human menopausal gonadotropin), and pure SFH. These drugs ensure the development of eggs. The eggs are assessed by using regular ultrasound tracking while the drugs are administered. When the eggs are ready, they are cracked with an hCG cracking needle. Unprotected sexual intercourse is advised 36 hours after the injection. Sexual intercourse time and frequency are also planned with your doctor based on the ovulation period. After 3-4 months of consistent use, ovulation tracking yields a successful result. In the event that a positive result cannot be obtained, different drugs or vaccine therapy can be used.

What medications are used in ovulation treatment?

Clomiphene citrate tablet is a medication used to stimulate GnRH secretion. GnRH is a hormone that promotes the development of eggs secreted by the hypothalamus. Other two hormones that work in the same system are FSH and LH, which are secreted by the pituitary gland. These hormones are the ones that allow for ovulation to occur. The clomiphene citrate tablet ensures the formation of necessary hormone flow. 70% of women who use the pill experience ovulation tablet. Pregnancy occurs in 35% of these cases. The treatment lasts about 4-5 months. It is one of the least expensive methods of infertility treatment.

Purified FSH is a form of gonadotropin hormone that has been purified. Gonadotropin is a hormone that causes egg movement. In cases where clomiphene treatment is insufficient, FSH is administered to ensure follicle development. It can also be used to increase the number of eggs produced.

The final stage is chorionic gonadotropin production. It is ensured that the eggs crack with this application, which is an hCG application. After the last dose of FSH, it is applied within 24 hours to ensure ovulation. Then, at the appropriate time, sexual intercourse occurs, and the treatment is completed.