Vaccine Therapy For Lymphocytes

Lenfosit Asi Tedavisi

Lymphocyte vaccine therapy is a method used in cases of recurrent miscarriage or infertility treatment where the cause is unknown. The immune system can cause some infertility issues. The immune system responds to proteins from outside the body and develops a defense mechanism against these structures. One of the cases is when the future mother’s body reacts to the placental tissues and throws the placenta out of her body, resulting in a miscarriage. The goal of lymphocyte vaccine therapy is to prevent this condition. Lymphocyte vaccine is a treatment that has been used in the past. It has been used since 1978 and poses no risk to the mother, father, or baby’s health.  It is one of the methods that is frequently used to support IVF treatment today.

How Does Lymphocyte Vaccine Therapy Work?

The blood sample obtained from the future father is processed in the lymphocyte vaccine therapy. During the decomposition procedure, special solutions and centrifuge procedures are used. The lymphocytes in the blood sample are decomposed in this manner.  Decomposed lymphocytes are injected beneath the skin in four different locations. During the injection procedure, the individuals may feel a mild burning or pain in the application area. This procedure is performed three times before IVF and twice after embryo transfer.

Who Is Lymphocyte Vaccine Therapy Intended For?

Individuals suffering from unexplained infertility can benefit from lymphocyte vaccine therapy. Furthermore, it can be recommended for individuals who have a history of failed IVF treatment due to recurrent miscarriage.

In what situations is lymphocyte vaccine therapy not used?

Before the treatment, the future father is subjected to a battery of tests. As a result of the tests, the application cannot be processed if the future father has hepatitis or HIV.

What Are the Advantages of Lymphocyte Vaccination Therapy?

The use of lymphocyte vaccine therapy improves the success rate of IVF treatment. It does not endanger the mother’s or the baby’s health. It is an application that has been in use for over 40 years and has proven its dependability with each passing day. The application is simple and straightforward.