Lipid Therapy Intravenous

serum tedavisi

Intravenous lipid therapy, also known as serum treatment, is the intravenous administration of a milky white serum containing soy protein and lipid to the future mother. In studies on repeated IVF treatment successes, it has been discovered that the future mother’s immune system may have some issues. Its goal is to support the future mother’s immune system and thus increase the success rate of IVF treatment with serum treatment.

How Does Intravenous Lipid Therapy Work?

The serum used in the treatment is a lipid emulsion with a high concentration of precious lipids. It contains soy protein and lipids, egg phospholipids, and glycerine base. Actually, the serum, which is preferred because it supports the immune system, is used in intensive care unit patients who cannot be fed orally. It is administered to the mother’s immune system on the first day of the IVF treatment to support her immune system. The mother should be given the serum intravenously. It is recommended that the serum treatment be continued until the embryo attaches to the mother’s uterus and the baby’s heartbeats can be heard.

Who Should Use Intravenous Lipid Therapy?

 Future mothers with weakened immune systems are given intralipid serum treatment. Furthermore, it is applied to future mothers at an advanced age to support IVF treatment. It is also recommended for future mothers who have a history of failed IVF treatment.

To whom cannot intravenous lipid therapy be administered?

In general, the treatment has no side effects. However, because it contains soy and egg-based nutrients, it is not suitable for future mothers who are allergic to eggs or soy. 

What Is the Benefit of Intravenous Lipid Therapy?

The serum treatment improves the chances of IVF treatment success. The immune system fights microorganisms that enter the body from the outside. This condition can also cause the future mother to miscarry. Serum therapy is a method that can be used to prevent this outcome. One of the most significant benefits of the treatment is its low cost and ease of use. Even if the first IVF treatment fails, serum therapy increases the likelihood of success in the subsequent treatment. 

The most significant benefit of the application is that after serum therapy, the IVF treatment success rate of future mothers with weakened immune systems increases to nearly 90%.