Multiple Failed Treatments

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Many couples apply for various infertility treatment methods, such as IVF. e. barrenness. Multiple treatments may result in failure in some cases. Individuals who have tried IVF treatment for two or three times must not experience a successful pregnancy process and the process must result in miscarriage in order for it to be labeled as a failed treatment. Failures in IVF treatment on multiple occasions may indicate a negative psychological condition in the future parents. Working with an expert team is especially important in these situations.

Why Might An IVF Treatment Fail?

Failure of the treatment may be caused by both known and unknown causes. Embryo quality, uterine factors, systemic disorders and immune system are among the known causes. In addition, the future mother’s uterine structure is one of the important factors that may lead to failure.

Treatment failure can be caused by both male and female factors. In order for fertilization to occur, the eggs must have the correct genetic structure as well as fertilization quality. Similarly, the presence of sufficient sperm count in the sample, as well as the fertilization ability and mobility level of the sperm, are critical. When the root cause of the problem is identified, the best treatment method for the process is determined, and the treatment can be resumed.

However, in some cases, the reason for the treatment’s failure cannot be determined. A common occurrence is the inability to determine the condition. Indeed, unsolved molecular functioning and its steps exist today.

In unsolved cases, the future mother’s immune system, weight, age, intrauterine fluid ph, stress factor, and eating style can be effective. In the case of men, errors in sperm analysis or genetic damage can lead to the problem not being solved.

Can Success Be Attained Following Failed IVF Treatments?

If the cause of the failure is identified, various treatment methods can be used. As a result, IVF treatment can be aided in a variety of ways. These causes can come from either side. However, there may be issues whose causes are unknown. In such cases, it is advised to make healthy lifestyle changes and to work with a professional IVF treatment team. The success rate of IVF treatment is affected when it is performed under proper conditions in a suitable laboratory environment directly.